Building an Arcade Cabinet Part 3 - Power, PC, monitor and sound

In this part of the arcade cabinet built we are going to connect the power, put the PC in the cabinet, add the monitor and sound. When this is done the cabinet will be playable! So beware, I don't know when the next part is coming, I might be too busy playing ;)

Written By: Vincent

At the back of the cabinet I wanted two plugs, one for power and one for ethernet. I connected a PC style power plug to a electrical outlet extender trough a electrical box. I 3D printed the holders for the outlet.

Plug Power box Power box Power box

After that I inserted the PC and monitor. If you're interested in the specs of the PC:

  • 3rd gen Intel core i7

  • 16GB DDR3 RAM

  • GTX 780 Graphics card

  • 500GB SSD

  • 650W power supply

PC Monitor Monitor Front It's alive!

I also added the audio amp and speakers

amp Speakers

After that I was finally able to play some games!

First game